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Hi, I'm Jure!

I’m a passionate Senior UX Researcher & UX designer with 9 years of experience in Freelance, Agency and Product roles.
I have had experience on all sides of the product cycle, from UX research, through user journeys, wireframing, prototyping to final product and branding.

Jure Zorko

My Skills

I consider myself a T-shape designer with a broad spectrum of interests and a deep knowledge and passion for UX. I feel most at home in Banking, Crypto, Logistics and Gaming as I acquired insider knowledge throughout the years.
UX Research & Service design
I create online surveys, conduct in-depth interviews and usability tests in person or remote through Zoom, Microsoft teams or Google Meet.
UI / UX Design
Based on UX research and UX reviews, I create user interfaces for IOS/Android mobile apps, web apps, websites & stores and CRM dashboards.
Design Systems
I co-created design systems either from scratch or based on premade components. I believe it's important to hone in on details, but to never lose the top-down view.
Wordpress Dev & SEO
I create custom made websites with low code tools such as Webflow, but I know enough HTML, CSS and Javascript to fiind my way.
Branding & Graphic Design
Besides logo, merchandise, packaging, t-shirt, billboard and other design, I also create complete Brand books, including digital components.
Business & Digital strategy
UX design has to see the smallest of details and oversee the longterm development of the product, to align with the business goals.

Work experience

Companies I worked with

These are some of the great companies I worked with.
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Some of the websites
I designed & Developed

Zoor, design studio
Go to the website
Preoblikovalnica, online store selling recycled furniture
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Stelnik, luxury accommodation
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Lead UX Researcher & UX Designer

I'm currently leading the UX research & Design for a logistics CRM Software in a team of 18 people and 2 designers. Part of a logistics giant, Knapp.

Mar 2023 - Present

Lead UX Researcher & UX Designer

I redesigned the mobile banking app based on usabilty testing with 6 participants. After 6 user interviews and usability tests with bank employees, I redesigned the CRM for real estate loans and shortened the client input time by about 20%.

Feb 2020 - Mar 2023

Lead UX Researcher & UX Designer

I designed custom build Websites & Branding books for different companies, such as and

Sep 2019 - Mar 2023

UX/Product designer

My task was to redesign one of the main product pages - a single crypto coin data. Example:

Oct 2020 - Dec 2020

UX/Product designer
Eligma / GoCrypto

I created app architecture, wireframes, prototypes and handoff to developers for a POS terminal (present in 1000+ locations worldwide) and a CRM for store owners.

May 2019 - Aug 2019

Lead UX & Graphic designer

My assignment was to set KPIs and improve them. With smart UX email layouts, we managed to improve certain email marketing campaign open rates from 35-40% to over 50% and click-through rates from 40-45% to about 60%.

Mar 2019 - Apr 2019

UX/UI designer & Wordpress developer

I was employed with a wish to improve UX processes in creating modern Wordpress websites. I held client meetings, drafted websites, designed and developed websites, did SEO and technical support.

Aug 2018 - Mar 2019

UX/UI designer & Wordpress developer
Jure Zorko

I designed digital and print designs, and I developed Wordpress websites.

Sep 2015 - Aug 2018

What people say about my work

Reviews from clients, coworkers and SEOs
  • Jure designed and programmed websites and online stores, designed logos, provided technical assistance to clients and improved website optimization (SEO). He successfully led introductory meetings with clients and planned the user experience of their most frequent website visitors. Quite a few clients explicitly expressed their satisfaction with the process and the final look and functionality of the website. Towards the end of his tenure in our company. Jure also successfully mentored new Web designers.
    Marin Bilić
    CEO at Webtim, web development agency
  • Jure is highly skilled individual with a great passion for design & UX. I really enjoyed working with him, his solutions are clear and user friendly. Keep up with great work!
    Matej Hočevar
    Consultant & Senior Software Engineer at Thule 13I37

My work in numbers

It's not easy to put everything in numbers, but here are a few highlights;



interviews and usability tests facilitated



designed & developed



mobile apps




work with me

I connect design and business, I help you grow and improve your products and services.
I prefer long-lasting relations, products need time to understand and develop.
I love UX
I love all steps of the UX design process, from interviews to usability studies and prototypes, to finally seeing a product come to life in handoffs.
I'm keen to learn every day
Design and tech industry moves at a rapid pace, and one has to put a lot of effort to keep up with it. My daily reads include topics such as UI/UX design, AI, AR & VR, Web 3.0, Code and Business. Dribbble, Awwwards and Smashing Magazine are my daily source of inspiration.
I can talk business
Design and business are interconnected. From close up, every UI element influences decisions of a user to a more broad view, where the designer needs to have a vision where the product is going and how financially feasible the plans are.
I'm flexible and self motivated
I believe great communication in the team is key to getting great results and long-lasting relationships. I don't mind following the instructions or step up and lead the project when necessary.

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